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Why should you work with freelancers?

Benjamin Schriel
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Why should you work with freelancers or temporary workforce?

The rise of working from home, uncertainties among employers and entire industries turned upside down. What a misery! Fortunately, at BUBTY we view the world through rose-colored glasses. New solutions must be devised for new problems. We noticed that now more than ever, independent specialists, creative collaboration structures and more are called upon. However, in the current situation, in almost all forms of solutions, one word keeps recurring: freelance.

We are most familiar with the word in entrepreneurial form, which refers to pursuing a career without making a long-term commitment to one employer. Usually freelancers are self-employed; they decide who they work for and for how long. You could call them corporate mercenaries, working for the highest bidder – and if you do, you wouldn't be far from the original meaning of the word.

Our earliest written evidence of 'freelance' comes from Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, in which a gentleman refers to his paid army of 'free lances'.

When freelance first came into English in the early 1800s, it was used to refer to a medieval mercenary who would fight for whatever country or person paid them the most. The earliest written evidence for this use (so far) is in Sir Walter Scott's novel, Ivanhoe, where a feudal lord refers to the paid army he has amassed:

“I offered Richard the service of my Free Lances, and he refused them – I'll lead them to Hull, seize the shipping and go to Flanders; thanks to busy times, a man of action will always find work.”

The evocative word quickly took root in the language and also quickly took on a broader meaning: one referred to a politician with no political affiliation (whom we today call an independent) and the other refers to a person who does any kind of work on his own terms. and without any permanent or long-term commitment to an employer. While freelancer is the noun we now mostly use to refer to this latter group of people, it is a newer term than freelance.

So while "He's freelance" may sound like modern slang, it's the original term.

8 reasons to work with a freelance marketing specialist

1. Faster time to market

A common view when deciding to work with freelance marketing specialists is that the long delivery cycles are often detrimental to campaigns. Products or services that customers are no longer interested in, that have lost their momentum, can become a significant cost item to generate the same buzz for again. With a freelance marketer you have insight into a portfolio of campaigns where you can empirically estimate the delivery of a campaign.

2. Fast ROI (return on investment)

Marketing remains a numbers game. Thanks to working with freelance marketing specialists you can easily add up the campaign costs and hourly costs and calculate the profit bandwidth in which you can operate.

3. Feedback from a unique skill set

We regularly see campaigns being launched of which all kinds of nice-to-haves can never all be carried out by the freelance marketing specialist. Now imagine that all the time spent developing campaigns by your own team that ultimately cannot be executed by specialists were used to develop products or services that customers want. No brainer right? A freelancer can help you prioritize and make choices thanks to their own experience. This feedback saves you and your team some meeting hours, which indirectly reduces an hourly rate.

4. Creating the right campaign for the right products or services

This reason is similar to the previous one, but there is indeed a difference. If we build exactly what (in terms of campaign) the customer wants, but in practice the product is used in a completely different way than intended or foreseen, we still do not create value for the customer. For example, you want to implement feedback loops in your campaigns so that you can continuously optimize your campaigns. By applying different marketing specialisms to your campaigns, you ensure that you continue to deliver value and improve continuously, we have a better insight into what the customer wants and how a customer ultimately uses the product.

5. Risk Reduction
An experienced freelance marketer has been able to solve various challenges and does not see risks in campaigns as a separate component that needs to be 'managed'. Marketing strategy itself is risk management. By delivering quickly, converting quickly and using the feedback obtained for adjustments and/or improvements, we reduce the risk that the wrong message about products or services will ultimately be delivered.

6. Better quality
Just like our customers don't want to buy bad products, freelance marketers don't want to develop bad campaigns. If companies take care of time, costs and scope, then marketers only have to worry about quality. By working with freelance marketing specialists, all these things are secured and we also have the space to adjust the scope, without having to worry about not being delivered on time.

7. Motivation
Some companies hire freelance marketers because the company culture could use some improvement. A permanent marketing department can suffer from tunnel vision and there is no room for a new force. What are you doing then? Correct. Introducing fresh ideas and a broad view to give the dynamics a new impulse. In general, the marketer is a creative person who, like the artist, draws inspiration from the outside world. It is extremely motivating for a marketing department when they are bombarded with new ideas to optimize their day-to-day.

8. Efficiency
You can also call it “eliminating waste” (think of Lean theories). Waste, because drawing up large and exhaustive campaign plans in advance in many cases yields too little. It also makes no sense to have people work separately in functional silos within the marketing department and hope that no work is thrown over the fence. Practiced in having a helicopter view by a centipede or a freelance marketing specialist, you streamline your own efforts.

In summary: the practical savings and long-term improvements are often forgotten to be offset against the level of the hourly rate. A freelancer marketer can provide the necessary inspiration in an existing marketing team. As a result, well-founded choices can be made quickly with the quality guarantee of an experienced professional.

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