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Match, Manage & Distribute

Match the best candidates to your needs, create a Shortlist and share them easily with your clients in one single link.


AI matching technology

Say goodbye to manual searching and hello to our AI matching technology. Our platform uses advanced algorithms to match the right candidates with the right job openings, so you can quickly find the best talent for your clients.

Advanced search & filter

Easily find candidates with the right skills and experience using our powerful keyword search feature. With our intuitive search interface, you can quickly filter candidates based on their skills, location, and other criteria.


Shortlist candidates

Create a shortlist of the best candidates and track their status throughout the hiring process. Our platform allows you to easily manage the hiring process from start to finish, so you can stay organized and save time.

Share profiles easily

Quickly share the profiles of the best candidates with your clients with just one click. Our platform allows you to easily send candidate profiles directly to your clients, so you can streamline the hiring process and close deals faster.


Integrate job boards

With our job board integration feature, you can easily post job openings and receive applications directly on our platform. Our integration with leading job boards ensures that you can find the right candidates from a large pool of talent.

Candidates status

Keep track of the status of each candidate throughout the hiring process with our candidate tracking feature. From initial application to onboarding, you can stay on top of each candidate's progress and ensure a smooth hiring process.


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