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Let's build the next generation of work together. Work at a fast-moving, globally-distributed team on a mission to change the world of work.


What our team members say



I love working in Bubty because I am surrounded by dedicated professionals who not only make the work enjoyable, but also contribute to the growth and development of each team member. We are creative and flexible in delivering client-centric product to simplify workflows of clients, improve effectiveness, and drive profitability.



I’m passionate about working at Bubty due to its exceptional culture of collaboration and innovation, where team members support and inspire one another.



Amazing experience!Bubty team is young, but at the same time experienced group of people. It’s a great pleasure to work in that kind of environment. As a team, we are doing our best every day to improve Bubty journey even more!



Bubty is by far the most flexible and educating job. I feel like i’m gaining the amount of experience an guidance i had always wished for, with the freedom you would want from a job. No day feels like actual work. and yes the games of table football are an extra +



Working at Bubty has been an absolute pleasure and a rewarding experience. What truly sets Bubty apart is its people. The team is composed of talented individuals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to achieving shared goals!



The right tools makes the job easier. The right people make everything easier. We also do fist bumps every morning.



Bubty has a dynamic environment filled with talented young professionals who are passionate about their work, providing opportunities for personal development and professional advancement. Working for Bubty is a process of continuous growth and learning. Openness, collaboration, and fun are the part of everyday’s work experience.



Over the course of one year, I have found the work environment to be incredibly pleasant, with a focus on fostering a flexible, trusted, and free policy. The company values the output of work, allowing team members who are passionate about their craft to thrive. Collaborating with an amazing team, which drives us to deliver exceptional results.



Bubty offers the perfect environment to develop my skills and to overcome my limits on a daily basis. It also allows me to work flexible and do what I love (design) from anywhere around the world. The people are great, we collaborate and work together for our common goal: to push Bubty forward. It’s also a cool place to have lunch at and use my boss’ netflix.



Every hour is as diverse as every day. People genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team. Additionally the tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals.



As a member of the Bubty team, I have found numerous reasons why I genuinely enjoy working with this amazing group of individuals. From the moment I joined, I felt an incredible sense of belonging and purpose. I look forward to many more exciting projects and achievements together.

Meet our founders

Best friends Benjamin Schriel and Lee Willoughby created Bubty, deriving from a shared resilience and ambition to convert life lessons into key insights for identifying unique market gaps. Today, Bubty is a testament to their enduring friendship and unified vision, encapsulating a distinctive company culture that cherishes flexibility, trust, and happiness. They've transformed Bubty into a company built by carefully selected individuals sharing the same passion and drive to reshape the future of work. Their aim is to turn work, an integral part of everyone's life, into something truly beautiful.

Ben and Lee:

“We accelerate the worlds transition of flexible work”

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