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External workforce technology behind talent pools

Unleashing the power of technology in talent pool management. Attain the platform of your dreams without the hassle of building it.


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Your expertise - our technology

Your expertise is connecting talent,
our talent is technology

Your core skill is connecting amazing experts with fantastic job opportunities, or the other way around. It is not building a platform. Let us handle the technology, while you focus your resources on your candidates and clients.

Whitelabel freelance management technology

This is how technology makes managing contractors easy

Simplifying talent onboarding

Gathering information and building your profiles has never been easier thanks to these features:

Automated onboarding contigent and freelancer management software
Contract signing

Contract signing

Custom onboarding builder

Custom onboarding builder

AI-generated service and skill matchingg

CV parsing

Integrates with what you are already using

Bubty’s open api integrates with more than 5000+ other apps

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Don’t just take our words for it, here’s what our users say

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Read the full client case on how Bubty Transformed Growth Division’s spreadsheet into a comprehensive platform that enables them to simply onboard & keep track of their team's skills, location, and availability.

What other clients say


Tom Dewhurst

Bubty has streamlined our process of onboarding and working with freelancers.

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Mikel Burger

With Bubty, we can automate administrative tasks such as assessments, onboarding and payments

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Tristan Gillen

We've been using Bubty's platform for a while now. The team are amazing and are bringing out amazing new features super fast. If you manage freelancers Bubty is a MUST!

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Gabi Sayah

Bubty has been a game changer. It has saved us hours of work and let us focus on growing the business. Freelancers are a big part of our company and not having to worry about onboarding them and paying them has made us efficient.

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Bubty has helped our company digitalise spreadsheets and turned into a streamlined onboarding process. Very Happy with fast response of this team and agile software.

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This is how other companies use our technology

Bubty’s technology is used to solve different cases, but equally as effective

Freelance management

Direct sourcing


Marketplace: Freelancer matching

Launch your own branded freelancer matching platform with Bubty's white-label technology. Managing & matching contractors and freelancers has never been easier, with our brand new technology. Focus on your core business. Matching, not building tech.