easily manage your
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easily manage your flexible workforce in one place

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“Startup of the Week: Bubty, helps you manage your pool of freelancers.”

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“A platform where you can find your current and former freelance contacts.”

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“The tool avoids administrative hassles while working with freelancers, saving companies both time and money.”

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“One online platform to manage all your freelancers”


manually maintaining your talent pool


This is what successfully working
with a flexible workforce looks like

these companies are already

organised and saving time, when will you?

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Talent Manager

For years we have wanted to become a more flexible company, but managing all freelancers from an excel sheet was just too much hassle. Also we understood that working with freelancers is different from working with employees. for that reason we were looking for one tool to handle all management. that’s where we found BUBTY. Now we have everything organised in one place.

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Bubty helped us to manage our entire freelance / flexible workforce in one place. No more searching in our channels or socials if someone if available, but quickly start a project. Thanks to BUBTY, we save time and money that would get lost.

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HR Manager

Over the last year we starting working with freelancers more and more. Since most of them work remotely, we needed a software to manage these details, contracts and payments. BUBTY delivered the exact software we were looking for.

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Growing your business with a freelancer workforce.

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How to build the unlimited scalable agency.

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