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Centralize your entire database

Streamline your talent management process with a comprehensive contractor profile


Effortlessly Add and Invite Contractors

Easily build your talent pool by adding and inviting contractors with just a few clicks. Create new contractor profiles, import from an existing list, or simply invite them by email. Streamline your talent acquisition process and get started on your projects faster.

Enhanced contractor profiles creation

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually building and managing contractor profiles. With our self-serving profiles and CV parsing features, your contractors can easily create and customize their own profiles or you can simply upload their CV and let our system do the work.


Group & tag

Organize your talent pool more effectively by grouping and tagging your contractors based on their skills, experience, location, or any other criteria you choose. This feature allows you to easily find and access the right talent for your projects.

Availability tracking

Stay on top of your talent's availability with our availability tracking feature. Contractors can update their availability, and you can quickly find available talent for upcoming projects. Alternatively, ask for a quick availability update.


Automated notifications and emails

Eliminate the need for constant emailing ping pong with our software's 100+ notification and automated email options for all actions and triggers. With whitelabel options, engage your workers the way they deserve.

Chat integration

Connect and collaborate with your workers easily through our chat feature, which allows you to open a chat with your workers on a personal or project level and share anything needed. We also offer simple Slack and Discord integrations for those who prefer connecting messaging to native platforms.


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