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Press Release: Bubty x Alicia Insurance

Bubty and Alicia Insurance are excited to announce their partnership, which aims to create a platform that makes it easy for freelancers to access proper insurance coverage. By combining their expertise in the field, Bubty and Alicia Insurance offer clients and freelancers a seamless experience in obtaining insurance.

Bubty is committed to creating a platform that ensures proper insurance for all freelancers. Partnering with Alicia Insurance allows us to achieve this goal by utilizing their innovative technology and solid insurance experience.

Alicia Insurance offers fit-for-purpose insurance products specifically designed for freelancers and their platforms, such as Bubty. By embedding these products directly into freelancers' platforms, Alicia Insurance makes it easy for freelancers to access insurance coverage.

Bubty's clients can now rest assured that they have everything they need to ensure a compliant freelancer recruitment and hiring process. In addition, clients have 24/7 insight into whether their freelancers are properly protected, making compliance easier than ever.

We are thrilled to embark on this partnership and provide a platform that makes proper insurance accessible to all freelancers. We believe this collaboration will benefit both clients and freelancers, and we look forward to offering a seamless and transparent insurance experience. Thank you for your attention, and we hope to continue serving you with the highest level of service.