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Lee Willoughby



Boosting Freelancer Loyalty with White Label Technology: The Power of Employer Branding

In today's ever-shifting economy, employers increasingly recognize the importance of freelance talent. For instance, considering that 77% of employers find it challenging to fill vacancies, it's no wonder more and more hiring managers want to know how to attract high-quality freelancers.

This is where solidifying your employer branding comes into play. 

For the uninitiated, an employer brand (in a nutshell) is how a company markets itself to job candidates. Ideally, your employer brand should incite excitement and passion from potential candidates to join your company.

But to establish a strong employer brand that conveys that your business is an excellent workplace, consistency with your visuals, messaging, tone of voice, etc., is imperative.

Utilizing white-label technology throughout your recruitment process is one such way to achieve this.

So, with that said, here we’re breaking down how to establish a powerful employer brand using white-label technology. 

But first:


Defining White Label Technology

Before we continue, let’s ensure we’re all on the same page about what white-label technology is.

In short, white-label technology is a customizable software that lets you rebrand it as your own. So, for example, you might be able to add your logo, brand colors, fonts, etc. 

White-label tech is typically sold as a monthly/yearly subscription because the developer (usually) just gives the recipient the liberty to customize and utilize their software’s front end for a specified length of time.

With this broad definition in mind, let’s take a closer look at how you could strengthen your employer brand using white-labeled software:


Strengthening Your Employer Brand Using White Label Technology

If you’re already managing a freelance talent pool, there’s a good chance you’re already utilizing freelance management software (FMS). 

If not, and you’re still operating a part-digital, part-manual system to manage freelancers, freelance management software is basically cloud-based software that allows you to oversee all aspects of freelance management in one place. 

Typical FMS features include:

  • Access your talent pool in one centralized place, including individual freelancer profiles showcasing their skills, reviews, availability, etc.
  • Onboarding and compliance features - such as the ability to store digital documents in one place, such as NDAs, non-compete agreements, IP ownership, freelancer financial information for payments, etc. 
  • The means to filter, search, invite, and assign freelancers with the right skills to your projects, add notes and ratings to freelancer profiles, and track their time and costs.
  • Manage all invoices and payments, including approving uploaded invoices, tracking unpaid invoices, and overseeing which projects are finished. 

…and more.

There are several advantages to using such features, including:

  • Saving time: Rather than hemorrhaging time manually onboarding and paying freelancers, these workflows can be automated to free up time to focus on other aspects of your day job.
  • Integrate with your existing online tools: A high-quality white-label freelance management software should complement your existing tech stack. For example, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Excel, your existing payment systems such as Quickbooks or Xero, and your internal messaging platforms like Slack. 
  • Better project and budget management: thanks to greater visibility of freelancer availability, project timescales, deadlines, and costs per freelancer, per project, budget reports, and total spending on freelancers.


…to name but a few!

But did you know there are companies like Bubty that enable you to white-label their freelance management software?

For instance, here are some of Bubty’s white-label features: 

  • White-label branding, including your logo and brand colors.
  • The freedom to use your own domain. I.e., you and your freelancers log into an online portal that boasts your own domain, not a platform that looks like a third-party platform.
  • You can send freelancers branded and personalized emails to foster engagement and loyalty. 
  • Access to customized language packs. I.e., you can adopt your preferred terminology or “language” that your freelancers are familiar with. For example, you can opt to call your external talent “contractors” or “freelancers.”
  • Custom onboarding documents that reflect your brand. When freelancers join you, your brand is instantly recognizable and identifiable when they sign your digital onboarding and compliance-related documents. 


…and more.

Bubty’s white-label features are tailored to their customer’s needs without the expense or hassle of building a platform from scratch. 

The benefit of using such software to enhance your employer brand is clear. Instead of freelancers logging into your portal and seeing your chosen freelance management platform's branding, you can greet them with your own. This goes a long way to cementing your brand at the forefront of your freelancers’ minds and manifesting a consistent and identifiable brand image. 

Not only that, but a white-labeled solution can potentially make a freelancer feel more involved with your business family, acting as a frequent and engaging reminder of your brand, which may potentially inspire more loyalty.

It’s also worth remembering that your employer brand affects your talent acquisition efforts. After all, freelancers will look at your brand before coming on board. As evidenced by an HR News report finding that 72% of recruiting leaders say that employer brand impacts hiring. 

Financial Advantages

In a post-COVID landscape where businesses worldwide are battling high inflation rates, 80% of smaller businesses report feeling the squeeze. As a result, 78% of companies are more likely to use freelancers over traditional employees because economic conditions are so uncertain. Companies can scale up or down their use of freelancers depending on their needs. For example, businesses may wish to splurge on recruitment during the busier times of the year, such as the holiday season. 

All this to say: It’s more critical than ever for companies to utilize cost-effective recruitment and staff retention tools.

To manage such a shift, white-label technology is a more cost-effective way of doing that, rather than creating your own (expensive and time-consuming) platform from scratch. 

Plus, the money you’ve saved by opting for white-label technology vs. building your own solution could instead be invested into establishing an improved employer brand. For example, rather than spending large amounts of money on developers and/or additional staff members to build and manage your technology, you could invest in competitive pay, better benefits, more enticing marketing, etc. 


Elevated Productivity 

In the business world, productivity = profit. It’s as simple as that. 

So, you don’t need us to tell you that maximum productivity is the aim. This includes streamlining the processes and time spent hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying freelancers. The stats bear this out. In fact, one study found that 90% agreed that better time management would increase productivity. 

With the assistance of white-label technology, all aspects of freelance management are handled in one place, saving time managing multiple platforms and spreadsheets. 



According to the World Economic Forum, data breaches are rising. In 2022, data compromises in 1,774 organizations impacted 392 million+ people worldwide. Such breaches compromise sensitive data, including identifying people’s financial information! 

So, the pressure is on for businesses to maintain their freelancer and employee confidentiality. This is where using secure white-labeled freelance management software is worth its weight in gold. 

For example, Bubty’s white-label onboarding technology allows for the secure digitized storage of all important documents, including legal, compliance, and financial information, and is GDPR compliant.

Needless to say, leaking your freelancer’s personal data, even inadvertently, is a surefire way to damage the glowing employer brand you’re striving so hard to achieve and potentially face heavy fines.

Are You Ready to Boost Freelancer Loyalty With White Label Technology?

All in all, a white-labeled freelance management platform is beneficial for companies looking to establish a consistent and identifiable employer brand that enhances freelancer loyalty.

Using such a platform proffers businesses a professional all-in-one platform tailored to suit their brand. Aside from providing all aspects of freelancer management from the convenience of one place, it keeps your brand at the forefront of those using it - win-win!

If you want to learn more about how Bubty can assist your business by creating a white-label freelance management platform, why not book a demo today?