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Benjamin Schriel



How Bubty empowered Contingent Workforce Institute (CWI)


When CWI first launched, they quickly gained traction within their community, attracting a number of highly skilled and talented consultants. A key requirement for their growing consulting practice was to effectively categorize these consultants, detailing their diverse profiles and skill sets.


Challenges Faced by CWI:

  • Needed efficient allocation of the right resources for projects.
  • Used spreadsheets for workforce management, involving:
    • Creation of lists of consultants.
    • Categorization based on skills and attributes.
  • Found the spreadsheet system inadequate and inefficient, hindering growth.
  • Search for Sustainable Solutions:
    • Aimed to establish an internal talent pool for effective project deployment.
    • Sought a system to systematically organize consultant profiles.


Solution: Implementing Bubty:

  • Reasons for Choosing Bubty:
    • Empower clients to independently access and explore the talent pool.
    • Enable clients to observe available talent and facilitate their own recruitment.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement:
    • Introduced a self-service approach for clients.
    • Improved client engagement and autonomy.
  • Streamlining Administrative Processes:
    • Automated cumbersome administrative tasks.
    • Included contractual onboarding and payment services management.
  • Transforming Workforce Management:
    • Replaced manual, inefficient methods with streamlined, automated systems.
    • Optimized internal operations.
    • Improved overall efficiency in workforce management.



Features that made this happen:

  • Centralizing their entire database to build their own talent pool of consultants.
  • Simplified their onboarding process in 3 steps, while engaging contractors in a next-level experience.
  • Matching the best candidates with their needs, shortlisting them to easily share with CWI’s clients through a single link.



The partnership between Contingent Workforce Institute and Bubty has been a success, showcasing the power of the right technological solution in the management of contingent workforces. Bubty's platform not only streamlined CWI's internal processes and enhanced their operational efficiency but also played a critical role in expanding their talent pool and elevating their brand presence in the industry.

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The Contingent Workforce Institute (CWI) is a gateway to customized workforce development solutions and unparalleled expertise in the ever-changing field of contingent workforce management. As a collective of neutral (non-affiliated) contingent workforce experts, they guide both companies and suppliers toward excellence. CWI provides advisory services, coaching and consulting, industry advocacy, and support for clients' contingent workforce strategies.


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